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      Group of retired men have been golfing weekly for 15 years

      Every Wednesday, one group of retired gentlemen meets for a morning of golf and good conversation.

      â??Wednesday is always something I look forward to, coming out hereâ?? said Paul Koebele, who has played for more than 10 years with the senior league.

      Teams are picked each morning. Some guys have never played together. Others have been friends for years.

      â??This group is phenomenalâ?? said Arne Kilberg, another member of the group. â??They are all nice people and nobody is out for blood. If you have a good score, you are lucky at this age.â??

      Just because no one is out for blood doesnâ??t mean you donâ??t want to win. With that comes the smack talk.

      â??Get your driver out, you are going to need it from there!â?? jokes Jim Provost, another golfer in the group.

      â??We would like to believe we are the best teamâ?? said Koebele. â??That remains to be seen. But we have good players on it.

      And with the smack talk comes embellishment.

      â??There is a lot of â??we shot 500â?? when they really shot 100â?? said Provost. â??You hear a lot of that.â??

      â??If the puts go in, we winâ?? said Koebele. â??Itâ??s all in the putting.â??

      Some of these guys have been out here since the beginning almost 15 years ago. Their personalities have stayed the same but their game is a little different.

      â??I know my drives are getting shorter and my putts are getting longerâ?? said Koebele.

      Even though they age and eventually stop playing, the memories from the course are handed down.

      â??About five years ago on numberâ?|seven?â?? starts Don Beaudoin, another league member.

      â??I donâ??t know I wasnâ??t there!â?? said Provost.

      â??Seven! It was number seven! Par three! I got a hole in oneâ?? brags Beaudoin.

      Even with the competitive nature, the smack-talking and embellishment, they all know that this isnâ??t the Masters, and if you donâ??t play well, you can always come out again next Wednesday and try again.