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      Group pays it forward and helps save lives

      A group of Gwinn women, with the help of the community, raised $12,000 to buy 12 automated external defibrillators (AED) for Marquette County schools and businesses.

      The group is called U.P. Pink Power and they are all about paying it forward. They raised the money last month during a 17-mile walk held in Forsyth Township.

      On Sunday, U.P. Pink Power invited all of the recipients to the Forsyth Fire Hall to pick up the AED machines.

      "As far as having an AED placed in the community where I live down in the Wells Township area, it's just a tool to help the EMS out until help arrives," said Tina Hiironen, AED recipient.

      "We have a real strong sense of community. The community is always supporting us in anything that we do and we live by 'you got to take care of each other,'" said Sally Searle, U.P. Pink Power member.

      Although you have to be certified to use an AED, a short demonstration was given.

      AED Recipients:

      Gary's Knotty Pine Bar, Arnold

      Red Fox Run Golf Course, KI-Gwinn

      American Legion, Little Lake

      U.P. North Lodge, Gwinn

      Peter White Public Library, Marquette

      Crams Store, Big Bay

      Negaunee High School

      Cornell Fire Department

      Cross Roads Mini Mart, Gwinn

      KI Elementart School

      Forsyth Police Department (2)