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      Group re-releases feral cats to control population

      They may look cute and cuddly, but these cats are not to be reckoned with. Theyâ??re feral cats, and while they are difficult to catch and almost impossible to train, they're good at one thing: keeping their population growing.

      But after hearing how inhumanely feral cats were being treated, Billy McCoy, founder of Cat Advocates, decided a new method was in order.

      â??What we'll do is we'll bring traps out and we bait the traps, but we don't set them until we're ready to have the cats operated on,â?? said McCoy. â??Then we make an appointment to have the cats sterilized, then we trap them, bring them to the vet, we bring them back, allow them to recover for one day, then we release them to their original area.â??

      Cat Advocates typically set up sterilization appointments at their local vet clinic, but on Friday, the feral cats visited a different clinic. A mobile veterinary clinic, called All About Animals, was in the area and offered low costs for spaying and neutering procedures for cats and dogs.

      Veterinarian Valerie Chadwick runs the mobile clinic. â??Many people see their pets as family members, but they don't always have enough money to take care of their own family, plus take care of their pets, so we try to benefit them as well,â?? said Chadwick.

      Their low cost of sterilization makes population control of wild cats very manageable and humane. â??Since the start of our program, we've trapped, neutered, and released ten cats,â?? McCoy said.

      Cat Advocates has received much community support, but the founders are always looking for more help.

      You can call Cat Advocates at: (715) 889-4654 or (920) 227-7918; you can also e-mail them at

      Cat Advocates can be found on Facebook at