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      Group seeks help installing playground equipment

      Some volunteers at a Marquette County campground are looking for some help getting a new playground installed.

      The Friends of Van Riper State Park organization is anxious to set up the new equipment, but first they need an excavation company to volunteer to dig a 31 by 71 foot hole. It needs to be 18 inches deep so woodchips can be laid down.

      The new play area will fill a need in a place that has seen 25 percent more visitors this year.

      "OSHA came in and took out all of our playground equipment except for a slide and a couple of swings," said Friends of Van Riper member, Julie Hosang. "We have nothing here currently for the handicapped children at all. So we're hoping somebody out there will come here and help us dig our spot so we can get this playground up for the children who are coming here to enjoy it this summer."

      If you're able to help dig the hole or install the equipment, call (906) 360-6166.