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      Group surpasses fundraiser goal to purchase dam

      The Keweenaw Land Trust has surpassed their goal of raising $40,000 by the end of April for the purchase of the area around the Hungarian Dam.

      Over $50,000 has been raised that will go toward the purchase of the dam, pond, and upper falls region as well as insurance costs and picnic areas. The land trust stepped forward to raise money to buy the dam after it was made known in December that the area was for sale by Torch Lake Township.

      Officials from the KLT say they are happily surprised at the amount they've been able to raise in just 60 days.

      "It's amazing that we had so many people come out and donate to this, not only our Keweenaw Land Trust members, but just the general community that we've been able to reach out to. So many new people, students, people from Lake Linden, Hubbell, really coming out of the woodwork for this one because it's something that they really care about," said KLT Project Intern, Nathan Miller.

      The Land Trust says the area will need about $80,000 for upkeep over the next 10 years. The land trust hopes to have the purchase finalized in the next few weeks.