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      Group tries to recall Gwinn School Board

      Community members in Gwinn are trying to recall the districts school board. Sighting a budget deficit of 1.3 million dollars and the boards failure to come up with ways to deal with it a group has formed with the intent of recalling members of the board. Recently the board decided to close Gilbert Elementary and put K-5 students at Sawyer Elementary. The concerned citizens say the Gilbert closure isn't the only reason to initiate the recall.

      "Most of the school districts have done a lot of things in order to balance their budgets and Gwinn is not balanced, by recalling the board now and not waiting another year hopefully we can get this under control in the next year," said Leesa Misterly from the concerned group. "If we continue to wait, you've got three years and the governors going to take over himself."

      The group would need to get 804 signatures in order to initiate a recall. An election would then be held in November. Board members who had been recalled would be able to run again in that election.