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      Groups gather to plan development near Lake Bancroft

      The former Cliffs Mining office building in Ishpeming is in line for potential development. Thursday night, interested groups, including the Downtown Development Authority and the Marquette County Brownfield Re-Development Authority, came together for a meeting to generate ideas for the property. The site is located near Lake Bancroft and the Cliffs Shaft Mining Museum on Euclid Avenue. Participants in the meeting saw a brief presentation then broke into groups to come up with ideas.

      "We kind of have a good start here; we have Lake Bancroft Park already that's been used a lot by local groups and citizens, and you also have the Cliffs Shaft Mining Museum property, and if you put the two of them together, I think you've got a gem that the city can be proud of," said Stu Skauge of the Ishpeming DDA.

      Some of the ideas include a band shell, welcome center and pavilion. More meetings will be held in the future to include more public input.