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      Gun buyers react to Presidential announcement

      Local gun stores saw increased sales of firearms in the wake of President Obama's announcement on gun control Wednesday.

      At Wilderness Sports in Ishpeming, staff say they've sold nearly a dozen guns as of 5 p.m. Wednesday. They sell about three to four guns in a typical day this time of year. After talking to the customers, managers at Wilderness Sports say some are coming in as a reaction to the President's announcement.

      "We've seen an increase in sales in handguns, semi-automatic rifles, everything really across the board. A decent percentage are coming in particularly because of the announcement today. I think the big fear here is that it's a stepping stone, this is only like a gateway to something larger, taking more types of firearms," said Wilderness Sports Manager, Michael Leach.

      Wilderness caters to a large number of hunters. Leach also said they do perform all of the necessary background checks for all firearm sales.