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      Guts Frisbee in Calumet this weekend

      The 57th annual Coca-Cola International Guts Frisbee Tournament gets started in Calumet this weekend. This year over 15 teams are expected to participate.

      Guts Frisbee originated in Eagle Harbor back in the 1950s. This weekend, there will be games beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday going until Sunday evening.

      There will also be a special display in the Frisbee Hall of Fame honoring the late Buck Buchanan, who was a hall of famer in guts in the ??70s.

      Tournament organizers say they are hoping to see an increase in youth playing the sport to bring back the popularity the game once had.

      ??It's a really great sport. It's a great spectator sport, and we always say, 'Once you catch one, you'll be hooked,???? said field marshal, Dennis Walikainen. ??We've got a lot of younger players now. We have two young teams form the local area for the first time competing in the IFT at the same time in many years. We're very happy.??

      There will also be a freestyle Frisbee show Saturday afternoon as well as Davy Whippit the K9 World Record Throw and Catch holder performing a long distance Frisbee challenge.