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      Guts Frisbee tournament

      Five guys on one side waiting for the other team to make a throw. This is not the typical Frisbee game - it's intense, it's Guts Frisbee.

      It's Stephen Dudena's first time participating in this tournament.

      "You are getting a Frisbee thrown at you, and it's really hard to catch it and pop it up," said Dudenas.

      This year there are 14 teams, from all over the U.S. It's the third time the two-day tournament was hosted in Calumet. In a single game teams battled it out for at least an hour.

      Dennis Walikainen, the Field Marshall, says it tests your endurance.

      "It's intense. You get tired out. It's hard on you, hard on your hands. You do a lot of running to try to catch the tip if it's not caught straight on. So it's also a very physical sport - a lot of activity," said Walikainen.

      It originated at a family picnic at Eagle Harbor in 1958 and became very popular. Over the last couple of decades that popularity fell. Now there's a push to get more young people playing.

      Dalton Duquette got involved when he was nine years old.

      "My dad played when he was in his teen years and when he was 20. When we came back to Marquette, he got me into it. It's just really a rush when you get the Frisbee thrown at you. I can't really compare any other sport to it," said Duquette.

      The winner takes home two thousand dollars and gets to drink from the Nachzal cup.