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      Gwinn celebrates 29th annual Fun Daze

      The Gwinn community and other eventgoers celebrated the annual Gwinn Fun Daze Saturday in downtown Gwinn.

      Families lined the streets to get a glimpse of the traditional Fun Daze Parade and then walk over to the annual Gwinn Lions Club Antique Car Show once the parade was done.

      Event staff say a mixture of good entertainment and good advertising are responsible for the event's popularity.

      "They always have a good parade, several bands. And weâ??ve had one person from the Chamber of Commerce more or less here...Jeanette Maki has done an outstanding job of promoting it and you've probably seen the ads all over the place." said car show coordinator Bill Rowe.

      The Fun Daze event is now 29 years old this year. Rowe said he ballparked the event's attendance at a few thousand participants.