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      Gwinn Clock Tower almost ready to ring again

      Last November, the final pieces were being put onto the historic Gwinn Clock Tower.

      The clock tower is more than 95 percent complete, but there's still one critical part missing and the community needs your help.

      "It was so hard to believe that it was finally up, that I had to pinch myself that it did become a reality. A dream came true" says Restoration Committee Chairman, Gerry Stille.

      The dream of seeing Gwinn's historical landmark again had been deferred for 24 years.

      The newly restored clock tower stands 60 feet tall and better than ever.

      Thanks to the help of people in the community, the Clock Tower Restoration Committee was able to raise over $70,000 for building the tower, but this brutally cold winter put a hold on construction, which called for more time and money.

      Now the clock tower is complete with brick and the clock, they still have to get the clock running. That's going to take more support from the community to make this clock right more than twice a day.ã??

      "We want to get the mechanism for the clock, and the bell and all that in proportion, so we're still fund raising and anything that anyone could give would be greatly appreciated. We thank everybody that gave already, but we still need that little extra more to complete the interior projects." adds, co-chair of the committee, Jeanette Maki.

      The clock hands are fixed at 3 o'clock, but with just $8,500 dollars more the community will hear a familiar sound again.

      A sound that called the children of Gwinn home for supper.

      "I'm waiting for that bell to ring again and hopefully I don't have to be home by nine o'clock" adds Joe Minelli, Forsythe Township Supervisor.

      Tax deductible donations for the Clock Fund can be sent to the Forsyth Township Historical Society at:

      P.O. Box 851

      Gwinn, MI 49841

      For more Questions? Contact Jeanette Maki at the Gwinn-Sawyer Area Chamber of Commerce at 906-346-9666 or 1-888-346-4946, Jeanetteâ??s cell (906) 360-9187,or by email at