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      Gwinn Clock Tower to be dedicated at Fun Days

      After seven years of work hampered by financial setbacks, Gwinn's new 61-foot clock tower is finished and ready to be dedicated to the city.

      The old tower, built in 1915 was torn down in 1990 due to safety concerns.

      A dedicated group of residents and donors got together to build a new clock tower in 2007, which was just finished back in May.

      The 210 donors contributed $80,000 total to the project and the project chairman says that even though some of them are no longer around to see it, they'd all be proud of the result.

      "Some of the donors have passed on. And that is the sad part about it, because they would have liked very much to have seen this clock tower and they were some of our larger donors. And the money came from their estate." said Clock Committee Chairman Gerry Stille.

      To help cover the remaining $6000 left to pay for the clock tower, commemorative booklets will be sold for $5 apiece at the clock tower dedication Saturday at Peter Nordeen Park during Gwinn Fun Days.