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      Gwinn prepares for teacher layoffs

      The Gwinn school district may be forced to lay off as many as nine teachers. Members of the school board held a work session Friday night to address the budget crisis they face. The district finds themselves $1.7 million in the red for the coming year. The board is now facing tough choices and feels that most of the blame belongs to lawmakers in Lansing.

      "We are not funded properly. We don't have an expenditure problem at this point, we have a revenue problem. We're trying to fix something that we absolutely cannot fix, and we are jeopardizing our students' education because of the way that we're funded, and this is the ugly reality of what happens when you're not funding public schools properly," said Superintendent Kimberly Vandrese.

      The board urged community members to bring this problem to the attention of state representatives. Vandrese also said that this problem will not go away, and the district will find themselves in a similar position next year as well. The next school board meeting is scheduled for Monday.