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      Gwinn residents celebrate the Fourth

      The Nordeen family has been attending the Gwinn Fourth of July Celebration for many years.

      In fact, the park where the celebration is held is named after one of their family members, Peter Nordeen, who was a prominent figure in the community in the 1900s.

      "They planned out and designated a park when they built the community. In early 1913 or in that vicinity anyway. And it's remained so all these years," said Louis Nordeen.

      There's plenty to do at the celebration, which has been going on for over 100 years.

      It's definitely considered by residents a place to bring the family for some good, old-fashioned fun!

      Hundreds of people came out to enjoy the abundance of activities.

      The Fourth of July Gwinn Celebration has many things for everyone. Duck races, fishing, and even 'Dunk your Politician.'

      "It's been a great success, we had a street dance last night on the third. Went through a lot of beer. It was a lot of fun, a lot of people came out. We had two bands, we had a variety of music from rock all the way down to some polkas. and it was really a real good community event and now today we have our party in the park, which is more of a family event," said Bill Nordeen.

      Even the younger crowd admits they enjoy being with those they love.

      "I live on my own so it's nice to come together with the family, wake up. It's very enjoyable, something, you know, we come together. So something we do, it's something my dad's done since I was little," said Colby Pisanchin.

      "My favorite part of this was probably winning the prizes for my brothers and sisters," said Tia Nordeen.