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      Gwinn Schools seek help to fill vacant superintendent position

      A special meeting was held Monday night by the Gwinn Area Community Schools Board of Education.

      Pressing new business was at hand and decisions needed to be made in a timely fashion concerning the recently vacant Superintendent position.

      "We have some very important decisions to come up with, whether it's to hire an interim or to hire a full time, and we really need to work together," said Gloria Bigelow, President of the GACS Board of Education.

      One of the more significant items on the agenda was Kimberly Tufnell's resignation letter. The Board carried the motion to accept her letter, effective on June 30 of this year.

      But who should fill the superintendent position?

      After listening to a presentation by the Michigan Association of School Boards, the GACS Board decided to enlist the MASB's help in finding the right candidates.

      "I'm really looking forward and very, very happy that the board decided to go with that MASB search," Bigelow said.

      The MASB Superintendent search is nationwide, but Consultant Sheri Davie says when these searches are done, the majority of applicants are regional.

      The Board has also picked three local possible candidates for the job, but they would need to go through the interview process just like everyone else.

      "We will be doing this by getting data on the types of candidates they're looking for, the qualifications, the experience, the education, the fit for the community," Sheri Davie, a Consultant for the Michigan Association of School Boards, said.

      The Board also requires a new vpce President, however, that decision will be made at the June 24 meeting.

      For more information about the MASB, click here.