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      Gwinn volleyball digs for funds

      The Gwinn Modeltowners volleyball team took on a host of different opponents Monday night. The team was raising money for new equipment. The jr. varsity and varsity girls squared off against school staff, alums and even the boys football teams.

      "One of the things we wanted to do going into this year was to, in a sense, to try to re-energize, reconnect with the community," said Rob Soyring Athletic Director for the Gwinn Modeltowners. "Doing something like this, where you get all aspects involved, it makes for a fun environment and that's really what sports is all about."

      Fans were also able to get in on the action Monday. They had the chance to serve the ball and win some prizes in the process. The girls volleyball season is underway. Future fundraising events are planned for other sports throughout the school year.