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      Gwinn welcomes new craft fair

      Gwinn residents got to do some shopping in the park Saturday.

      It was the first annual Gwinn Craft Fair. Seventeen vendors from all over the area were selling a wide array of products, ranging from jewelry and healthy foods to homemade tin men. Kelly Rogers sells lifelike baby dolls called Reborn Babies. She owns Mommy and Me Nursery in Trenary. Rogers often sells her babies online but decided to attend her first-ever craft fair Saturday. She sometimes spends over eight hours on one doll.

      "Reborn Babies are the dolls of the future, I believe. I know that as a little girl I loved dolls, and I always wanted one that looked real but could never find this is where I stepped into and I've gone with it. It's been about six years that I've been making them now," sad Kelly Rogers, Reborn Baby artist.

      Some of Rogers' Reborn Babies have even been featured in movies around the world. She says she will be attending the TV6 Christmas Craft Show as well later this year. The Gwinn Craft Fair will take place again next June.