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      Gym contract

      Many people are resolving to banish the bulge starting January 1, 2013. They've enjoyed weeks of feasting and relaxing, but now it's time to face reality and burn off those calories.

      However, just like the Christmas season, there's still some shopping left to be done--shopping for the perfect gym, that is. Staying on track and sweating off those extra pounds isn't as hard as you think.

      Finding the right gym and contract can be a big factor in motivating you to stick to those weight loss resolutions.

      â??We want clients to do this, not just for a month, two months, or three months," says Anytime Fitness Club Manager, Jayne Szukalowski. â??We want you to commit and make this a lifestyle."

      Brian Nelson has been an Anytime Fitness member for two years now. The 24-hour access works for his hectic schedule, and he's planning on renewing his contract when it's up. One of his resolutions this year is to cut down a bit on sweet treats.

      â??Sweets and chocolate are definitely a weak point, but I figured I earned it," says Nelson.

      On January 2, the gym is offering a promotion to join for just one dollar. But another gym in town is also working to attract clients.

      One new program that Curves will be unveiling in January is Curves Complete. It includes exercise, a meal plan, and coaching. And better yet, you even get a pedometer to measure just how much you walk and stay in shape.

      Christine Gravelle of Pennsylvania is getting married in July. Sheâ??s in town for the holidays visiting family. Her mom is a member, and that's how Gravelle is able to enjoy a guest pass at Curves.

      â??The other clients here hold me accountable to make sure I reach those goals of toning and firming things up,â?? explains Gravelle. â??I want to build up muscle and do some toning for that wedding dress."

      The women's gym is hoping to entice more clients by now offering Zumba.

      â??You don't necessarily have to be coordinated,â?? says Curves co-owner and manager, Jan Mortl. â??You just move with the music and have fun with it."

      Having fun at the gym you pick is a key component to working hard and reaching your 2013 health goals without missing a beat.