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      Gymnasts head to Nationals

      The One Chance Gymnastics team is getting in one last practice before they head off to compete in Nationals.

      Emily Fisher says she dedicates a lot of time and practice before every competition, and sheâ??s hoping her efforts get her a high score.

      â??I just hope to do the best that I can, and I just hope to place within the top 10. That would be amazing,â?? said Fisher.

      Even though they make it look easy, Coach Tammy says what the girls put in is what they get out of the sport.

      â??Gymnastics is your own self. You can control it yourself, and what you make of yourself in gymnastics is how well you compete in life,â?? said Tammy Clisch, coach.

      Each gymnast will compete in four different events which includes the balance beam, the vault bars, and floor.

      â??I like beam because itâ??s hard, and you have to work harder on beam than floor because on floor, youâ??re on flat ground, and when youâ??re on beam, itâ??s four inches and youâ??re higher up,â?? said Brooklyn Fish, gymnast.

      Nineteen gymnasts will compete in Wisconsin this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and they hope to return home with another trophy to add to the shelf.