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      Habitat homes dedication

      For these six families their days of renting will soon be behind them. Habitat for Humanity has made their dreams of owning a home a reality.

      Thursday evening they all gathered for a home dedication ceremony at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Negaunee.

      "Once we take possession of the house it will be more real for us. This is a huge accomplishment wonderful for us. Working on all the houses it's just been very busy. We're just happy that it'll finally be done," said Molly and Jared Beverly.

      Over the summer volunteers from the community and across the country worked vigorously to build these homes from the ground up.

      Two in Ishpeming, two in the Gwinn area and one Negaunee all energy efficient. Homeowners also put in 15 hours a week of sweat equity along with everyone else.

      "They don't know who we are. That's just a wonderful thing that people who don't know you will spend their time to build a house for someone they don't even know," said Chuck Eberhard.

      At the dedication each homeowner had the opportunity to share their story and what this means to them.

      For Michelle Wickstrom she was one step of becoming a homeowner two years ago until unforeseen circumstances happened much like many others.

      "About two and half years ago my ex-husband lost his job. So to be able to become a homeowner has been an absolutely amazing experience for me and my children," said Michelle Wickstrom.

      There's still some work to be done, but they all should be moving in by the end of the month.

      Homeowners will be paying zero interest on a mortgage of around $400. They all hope to be a part of the next four homes to be built next year.