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      Half ton food donation for Baraga County pantries

      Volunteers from the L'Anse St. Vincent de Paul are sorting through hundreds of cans for the food pantry. All of the donations are a part of this year's TV6 Canathon.

      John Cadeau is the spiritual advisor for St. Vincent de Paul and says these donations are very important.

      "Not only does it help us through the holiday season, it carries us through the winter months, so really it's a tremendous help to us," said Caeau.

      During this time of year, Eagle Radio is in charge of collecting all of the food throughout the Copper Country.

      "We start on Monday, the week of the Canathon, and we pick up all the north end and we pickup about a ton-and-a-half to two tons of food on that day, and then the last day of the pickup is always Baraga County," said General Manager Ed Janisse of Eagle Radio.

      When it comes to donations, Eagle Radio says L'Anse students tend to donate the most. As you can see, students are taking the bags and boxes filled with food and loading them onto the trailer.

      "It makes me feel good to know that my school's participating in this and making people happy. People that don't have stuff that we have; it makes me feel good that we're helping them," said Katelyn Haathaa, junior at L'Anse High School.

      This year L'Anse students donated almost 3,000 pounds of food. All of that food will stay within the community to help feed a hungry neighbor.