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      Halloween costume shopping on a budget

      The weather is getting colder and Halloween is fast approaching. Many people like to decorate their homes for fall, and still others are looking for that perfect Halloween costume.

      There's a wide range of stores that sell costumes, but if you're on a budget, you may want to check out the thrift stores. There's definitely a lot of opportunity to mix and match at Goodwill. The store is a popular pick for many teens who say they enjoy Halloween costume shopping on a budget.

      "Halloween is fun,â?? says 16-year-old Mariah Burias. â??We can have a lot of fun making your own costumes and getting out there and visiting with friends and going to parties."

      So what do these teens plan to do with the money saved?

      â??Iâ??ll get to buy more things or save money for college or the things that you really want. Itâ??s Halloween. I think dressing up as Pocahontas would be a pretty cool way to dress up for Halloween. Iâ??ve never worn that before," Burias said.

      Store officials say Halloween is their Christmas season.

      â??We plan ahead, usually in January or February, to make sure that we have inventory on hand for August," says Goodwill store manager, Colleen Valencic.

      Business at Goodwill really starts picking up at the end of August. Valencic says this year's Halloween sales are just about the same as in previous years. So what keeps customers coming back?

      â??Well, it's really hard for kids to get jobs these days,â?? explains 16-year-old Brittany Levesque. â??And sometimes you just have to go with what you can, like come to cheaper places and stuff."

      How affordable are the prices? Compared to other stores, they're 50 or even 75 percent cheaper. Many of the items are donated. But the store does purchase a small amount of new goods like makeup and autumn decor.