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      Halloween Spectacle offers up spooky sights to see

      The performers in this year's Halloween Spectacle held their rehearsal Wednesday night in Marquette. The spectacle will be this Saturday at the Marquette Commons and will feature dancers, musicians, elaborate costumes and other performers. The free show is a way to bring together different types of performance art in the community. The City of Marquette Arts and Culture Center and the Downtown Development Authority say they've pulled out all the stops for the second year of the show.

      "Last year we focused on the music and the dance; this year we were really trying to incorporate and bring in all sorts of different artistic things that are happening in the community," said Jessica Pesola, the show's choreographer. "I think it just showcases the exciting things that we can do, and we want to do it for the rest of our friends and neighbors."

      The theme of the show is heroes and villains. It all begins with processions starting at 6:40 p.m. from the Peter White Library, Lower Harbor Park and Harlow Park. They'll all end up at the Marquette Commons, and the 2013 Halloween Spectacle begins at the Commons at 7 p.m.