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      Hammered up for women's build

      Habitat for Humanity is engaged in addressing the housing crisis facing millions. The womenâ??s build projects are nationally held across the United States the week before Motherâ??s Day. Tuesdayâ??s was for June Nanninga who says the day provides her home with a large number of volunteers picking up the project's pace.

      â??It looks like we're catching up to the months we didnâ??t get anything done,â?? says June.

      The construction involves 25 volunteers, 20 of those being women. If you don't have construction skills, it's certainly a chance to learn and put your building skills to the test.

      The construction manager, Brent Ackluy, explains with the amount of women he has on site, theyâ??re able to have different projects going on simultaneously.

      â??Actually right now we're doing good; we've only been working for two hours, and it's incredible we got one wall already sided,â?? says Brent.

      All the volunteers have been here since eight in the morning, only taking a fifteen minute lunch break before getting right back on the ladders.

      Brent says the womenâ??s build makes a dramatic difference on the progress, and he encourages more volunteers to join them -- swinging hammers to make a difference.