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      Hancock fire victims remembered

      Clean up continues at 116 Quincy Street in Hancock where an early morning fire took the lives of four people on Saturday.

      The site of the deadly fire has since turned into a makeshift memorial, with gifts and messages left by community members wanting to share their sympathy.

      Meanwhile five other residents and six guests inside the three-story building at the time, all managed to escape the fire, which burned for several hours.

      With no home and no belongings, the survivors turned to the Red Cross for assistance.

      "Immediately we took over, took care of the families that were evacuated from the homes and got them into a safe structure. Currently we're helping them with clothing, food and shelter," said Disaster Director Annette Butina.

      While no relief fund has been set up for the survivors, Butina says that anyone wishing to help them can, by getting a gift card at a store like Wal-Mart or Econo Foods.

      "That's just a really easy way for the community to give so they're not just buying clothing for someone they don't know. This way the family can go out and get exactly what they need right now."

      The community outpouring after this tragedy has prompted talk of a public memorial service, but nothing has been planned yet.