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      Hancock school staff to serve at Kaleva Cafe

      Teachers and staff from Hancock schools will be serving meals at Kaleva cafà in Hancock Saturday to raise money for the elementary schoolâ??s new playground.

      The school PTO began fundraising efforts for a new playground about a year ago. They estimate the playground will cost about $45,000 and have most of it funded.

      All tips and 20 percent of the daily profit at the Kaleva Saturday will go toward the fundraiser.

      Teachers say the old playground is outdated and some parts were even taken down because they were dangerous for kids to play on.

      â??When they're out here, they're working on their social skills, emotional skills. They're working on fine motor skills, and those are life skills that they're always going to have with them. So, when they come out, i want them to be excited about it,â?? said Barkell Elementary kindergarten teacher, Amanda Andress.

      Hancock school staff will be serving at the Kaleva tomorrow from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.