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      Hancock schools serve healthier lunch menu

      The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act's goal is to improve the nutrition of students nationwide and as Hancock students pile into the lunch room, they may notice a change in their menu.

      Chef Mark Pittillo from Portage Health and Hancock Food Service Director, Renee Salani, are serving much healthier options for Hancock students.

      "Everyday we'll be including fruit and vegetables whereas it used to be, last year, there was a fruit or a vegetable. This year we're making sure that the kids have one of each every meal," said Pittillo.

      And fruits and veggies aren't the only thing students are eating; they'll also have whole grain pizza and pasta with turkey meat sauce.

      "We added our spaghetti sauce, and we're going to incorporate some nice, yummy flavoring, all natural," Salani said.

      With 17 percent of American children suffering from obesity, unhealthy school lunches are one of the contributing factors. Since kids spend a majority of their time in school, many feel changing the lunch menu is one of the best places to start.

      "At this age, if we can teach them good eating habits, then we have a better future for them. When they get older, they'll maybe want a piece of fruit instead of a fatty snack or candy bar," Pittillo said.

      So what are the students' thoughts on the healthier food choices? One offered their take on the new changes.

      "It's really good. It's more healthier than regular Pizza Hut and Little Caesars," said Hancock sixth grade student, Devin Raasio.

      Portage Health says their goal is to offer a healthier lunch menu at every school in the Copper Country.