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      Hancock woman needs help to carry out mission

      For the past 12 years, Wendy Wiegert has been working on a program called "Need for Seed" which helps low-income families grow their own food. Last year she helped over 150 families in the area, but Wendy's current medical condition is making it hard for her to continue with the program. "It's been discovered that I have a very large fibroid growing in the inside muscle of my uterus which causes me to hemorrhage profusely all month, and the only thing that can stop it is a hysterectomy which I cannot find any medical care for," said Wiegert. Wendy doesn't have insurance and says she doesn't qualify for any medical programs. Even with the lack of medical attention, she's still on a mission to help feed families in need. "About 16,000 packets every year get donated to local families and community gardens for those who can't otherwise afford, and we really depend on community support to purchase the seed packets locally which allows us to purchase the basic supplies," Wiegert said. Wendy also says one of the best things people can do is tell others about the program. "So many members around us are very poor and have a hard time feeding themselves, and this is a great way for them to feed themselves and become sustainable on their own," Wiegert said. For more information on how you can help with â??Need for Seed,â?? click here and if youâ??re interested in helping Wendy, you can click here.