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      Handcrafted cards to help the disabled

      The possibilities for people with disabilities are limitless, thanks to a Goodwill facility in Carney.

      It gives these unique employees a chance to gain confidence and a paycheck by making handcrafted cards. They even make the paper.

      Inside of this Goodwill vocational training center lays a world of possibility for people with barriers to employment. Here they earn their living by going green and handcrafting cards made from recycled paper.

      â??The program in itself is very empowering for every person that can be a part of it,â?? says Tammy Francour, the Operations and Case Manager. â??And actually, everybody who's here can be a part of the program because there are so many steps to making the paper and cutting the cards."

      The steps are tailored to meet the clients' skill levels. The 20 clients say it's rewarding to see their work pay off.

      â??I get a paycheck every two weeks,â?? explains client Keith LaBonte. â??I meet new people, and it gets me out of my home to visit with people."

      Possibility Paper is funded through agencies that refer the individuals to Goodwill. It's free for the employees to attend the program. With every card participants design, their confidence grows because they're helping to create something joyful for others. The cards are holiday themed and for everyday special occasions.

      â??I like that it keeps you busy and gives you something to do,â?? says client Brian Lindstrom.

      Officials do step in during the process to help with certain tasks like blending. According to them, the cards are very popular because of their beauty and the dedication clients put into them.

      Goodwill stores in Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan all carry these special handcrafted cards. You can also find them at businesses in Stephenson, Marinette, and Menominee.