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      Handicapped access for home fans

      Thanks to the efforts of one Marquette Senior High School student, handicapped spectators will have easier access to Hart Stadium.

      On Friday the handicap ramp was moved from the visitor side to the home side of the bleachers. Senior Lydia Kurin wrote a letter to the superintendent asking to move the ramp for her long-time best friend Daren, who is wheelchair bound.

      The project received much support and was finished in a day thanks to several volunteers and donated supplies. Daren would normally watch the games from the track, but now the ramp is easier to access for anyone who may need it.

      "Anybody who is wheelchair bound or if they get a cast maybe,and they still want to be part of the game, they can come and enjoy it, and they can still sit with their classmates and be part of the home experience," said Kurin.

      The ramp is now moved and ready for use for next Friday's home football game.