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      Hannah Bethel returns to the Copper Country for a hometown performance

      Hannah Bethel, "Medicine"

      A rising country music star in Nashville is the Copper Countryâ??s very own, Hannah Bethel.

      After to moving to Nashville three years ago, Bethel produced multiple albums, music videos, and toured the country from Alaska to New Jersey.

      Home for the holidays, Bethel is spending time with her family and friends reflecting on the past year.

      â??The highlights from this past year have probably just been all the traveling Iâ??ve been able to do,â?? said Bethel. â??Iâ??m very blessed in having a very busy tour schedule this past year.â??

      On top of performing nearly 100 shows, Bethel was featured in Billboard magazineâ??s, "615 Spotlight," had her music video, â??No Where Left to Roam,â?? featured on the Country Network and, and even hung out backstage at the Country Music Awards.

      When she isn't busy performing or producing her biweekly web series, Every Other Thursday , she writes songs, books concerts at various venues, and meets with producers.

      â??I got to meet a few big producers this year: Chuck Ainley and Frank Liddell, who have produced all of Miranda Lambertâ??s records,â?? said Bethel. â??Just recently, I wrote with Jimmy Fortune of the Statler Brothers, which was pretty cool!â??

      Though sheâ??s enjoyed traveling and writing new songs, Bethel admits the music business isnâ??t always as glamorous as it seems.

      â??You probably spend the least amount of time performing, which is, you know, why I got into this,â?? Bethel said. â??I spend an enormous amount of time working my social media sites, meeting with my publicist, deciding on what events we need to attend.â??

      But Bethel said she has a strong support system to keep her going, including her family, who has been her biggest team of cheerleaders from the start.

      â??For every hundred things you try, you might get a hundred noâ??s back,â?? she said. â??Without the support of people that I love, it would be really difficult.â??

      Looking ahead to the future, Bethel said sheâ??s preparing for the release of her fourth album next summer, along with adding more tour dates to the schedule and a new music video.

      For now, she said sheâ??s anxious to spend time with her family for the holidays and perform again in the town it all started.

      â??I always look forward to coming home and doing a show here,â?? said Bethel. â??Iâ??m always just so humbled by the turnout, and Iâ??m hoping to see lots of people again, and I look forward to making music for you guys.â??

      Hannah Bethel will hold a concert this Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Orpheum Theater in Hancock along with sisters, Myiah and Wynter. Tickets are $10 at the door, and merchandise will be available for purchase as well.

      For more information about Hannahâ??s tour dates, visit her website, .