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      Happy Easter, everyone!

      Easter Sunday is this weekend!

      Catholics worldwide are celebrating Holy week

      The Christian holiday is generally celebrated by attending church, seeing what the Easter bunny brought the children, and a family dinner.

      Pastor Bohnsack at Grace United Methodist Church says every year their 11 a.m. service is unique, and everyone's welcome.

      "Easter is always one of the highest moments of worship of the year. And here at Grace Church it'll be a day of flowers, choir, instruments with the hymns, and a special sermon that I'm still preparing," said Pastor Bohnsack.

      Even the Sunday school children get involved in the church.

      This year, they'll be serving up a continental breakfast at 10:15 for church-goers prior to worship.

      "They are so excited. It gives them an opportunity to serve other people, and be with people who are as excited about Easter as they are," said Jackie Otis, Co-Chair for the Sunday School Program at Grace United Methodist Church.

      And we can't forget about the candy!

      Little ones will be waking up Easter morning to see what the Easter Bunny brought them.

      Sayklly's in Marquette says they have plenty of jelly beans, chocolates, and other sweet treats for Easter baskets.

      And don't forget your personalized fudge egg!

      They're a Sayklly's staple.

      "Easter can be very busy. Today's a little quiet cause of one of the snowstorms we've been having, but overall this time of the year it's very busy. People coming in for chocolates for the kids and their Easter baskets and everything," said Bob Gauthier, Store Manager at Sayklly's.

      Grace United Methodist Church said everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the continental breakfast and worship.

      And Sayklly's will be open all day tomorrow and Saturday for those who still have yet to fill up the kids Easter baskets.