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      Happy Hancock Holiday

      In downtown Hancock, the streets were packed with people of all ages getting into the holiday spirit.

      This annual celebration has been around for over 30 years and it is also a great way to promote shopping locally.

      Being a small business owner as well as other business owners in Hancock, in the area, we like to keep the money locally and try to encourage people to shop local. I think it's really important to keep businesses in business, said Hancock Business and Professionals association and store owner Carol Freeman.

      Residents say this event is a fun and safe place for their children to decorate cookies and enjoy the festive window displays.

      "Well it TMs just something to get out in the community and enjoy the nicer weather a little bit and something to get my son out here and enjoy a little bit more of the Christmas spirit," said Matt Solka.

      As a part of the holiday season, the stores decorated the parking meters in front of their business to allow for free parking.

      Sleigh rides began at city hall and kids piled in to the back of the carriage to take a ride around the city.

      As soon as the event began there was nothing but smiling faces amongst the crowd and once the fire truck came all the way down to the end of City Hall, there was definitely a huge surprise for all the kids.

      It would not be a celebration without Christmas caroling and of course Santa Claus.

      Kids got a chance to sit on Santa's lap and take a picture.

      Even though Christmas is a month away, that didn't stop them from telling him what they were expecting under the Christmas tree.

      "I asked Santa for a toy bow and arrow," said Erik Wanhala.

      Students from Hancock High School's Junior ROTC also volunteered there time to help make things run smoothly.

      As the night came to a close, kids filled their stomachs with sugar cookies and the local business stayed open later than usual to give everyone a chance to enjoy the start of the holiday season.