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      Harley Owners make donation to Bay Cliff

      For the past 24 years, members of the Harley Owners Group, or HOGS, have raised money for the Bay Cliff Health Camp. Not only is it rewarding for Bay Cliff, but the Harley Owners as well.

      "You get to see where all that work you put into, where it's going, and it's just a good feeling. It's just a very good feeling," says Harley Owner Joe Kerekes.

      Wednesday night, more than 20 riders started up their hogs and made the trek to Bay Cliff to hand deliver the check. This year it was made out for $72,450, which will be put to good use.

      "It will be used to provide therapy and activities for the children here in the summer which is our greatest need at this point. We did wonderful with our capital campaign and yes, we still have some work to do and some buildings to do, but right now we're trying to take care of the kids that are here and help them with all the things they need," explains Camp Director Tim Bennett.

      So far the Harley Owners have donated well over one million dollars to Bay Cliff, and it doesn't look like they're showing any signs of stopping.

      "You have to go up to Bay Cliff to see. You see, you think you've got it so good and you see what it's like where people that don't. And it's just the young kids and the adults and they like the bikes, and we like them," Kerekes adds.