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      Harsh winter could mean brutal allergy season

      The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reports that nearly 50 million Americans suffer from allergies.

      â??During pollination season it's the trees,â?? said allergy sufferer, Lori Larock. â??Birch, pine, oak, the grass and mold. Itâ??s crazy.â??

      It may not look like it, what with all the new snow, but it is in fact allergy season, and once this snow melts, allergens will be in full force. But even with proper prevention techniques, allergens can still find a way into your system.

      â??Even when the windows are open when it gets warmer, it all blows in and messes with you,â?? Larock said.

      Thatâ??s why medication may be a good way to keep your symptoms under control.

      â??Youâ??re going for symptom relief,â?? said Pharmacist, Jordan Marchetti. â??Thereâ??s a few different classes. Thereâ??s the anti-histamine, there's non-sedating anti-histamine, there's also sedating anti-histamine. A non-sedating anti-histamine is not going to make you drowsy. Youâ??ll be able to go through your day and have some symptomatic relief without taking a nap at the same time.â??

      There are also new products available that recently came out on the market.

      â??In fact, there was a new product that just came out called Nasocort, which is the first over-the-counter steroid,â?? Marchetti said.

      Keep in mind you can purchase allergy medication behind-the-counter that contains pseudoephedrine, but you'll need to bring identification. Web-MD reported the 2014 allergy season could be worse than in years past due to the bitterly cold and prolonged winter. Some other tips to think about: be sure to wash your clothes after being outside, since you'll be tracking in allergens into your house. If youâ??re not sure what it is youâ??re allergic to, make sure to receive an allergy test. By knowing what triggers a reaction, you may be better prepared to prevent the symptoms.

      â??If it gets a lot of pollen over a period of time, sometimes Iâ??ll actually get sick from my allergies,â?? Larock said.