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      Harsh winter for the Keweenaw

      It's been a rough winter in the Keweenaw, and residents say it's been one of the harshest in years.

      Keweenaw County Online records an average total of 283.5 inches so far, and the Keweenaw Research Center records about 177 inches for Houghton County.

      Residents say with the cold weather, frozen pipes, and increased propane costs, this winter has been one for the books.

      â??Winter's been a rough winter,â?? said Calumet resident, Jim Winquist. â??When we first started out, we were all excited for the snow for the businesses, but, truth be told, it's been a bit of an extreme winter. It's been financially and physically difficult on a lot of people, and we're hoping that we'll have an early spring.â??

      Some Calumet residents are either sending a sign that they're tired of winter, or that they love the snow; theyâ??ve stuffed some snow pants and topped them off with some boots to look as though a person is stuck in a snow bank. Either way, it makes an interesting roadside attraction on US-41.

      The infamous Saint Patrickâ??s Day snowstorm also seemed to be a bit of a dud in the Keweenaw. Only about six inches fell in the past two days.