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      Haunted halls


      That was the phrase that rang through the halls on Halloween, though there were definitely more treats than tricks at the residence hall trick-or-treating at Northern Michigan University as hundreds of children made their way through the decorated corridors in search of candy.

      Each residence hall was set up with themes such as the Peanuts and scenes from Dante's Inferno, appealing to children of all ages. NMU students got into the spirit of the season as well, dressing up in their Halloween best.

      For first year students like Katie Shelton, the biggest treat was giving out treats.

      "I love the little kids," said Shelton. "It's really cool. I've never seen so many little kids--it's crazy. They just keep coming."

      It was also a chance to give kids a safe environment to trick-or-treat in--as well as a community connection.

      "It gives them a chance to walk around, meet community--a lot of people in the community--and just feel comfortable with the community around them," said sophomore Holly Mathis.

      For the kids, however, there was one big reason to hit the halls on Halloween--the candy.