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      Have fun and be active while school is cancelled

      With the cold weather, the kids of Delta County had to find ways to keep warm and active while being out of school Monday. Escanaba??s YMCA proved to be a popular destination for school kids of all ages.

      Many elementary through high school students were spending their day off in the gym.

      ??I like to go to the Y with my friends and play basketball,?? said Holy Name student, Josh Bruntjens.

      The YMCA??s basketball court seemed to be a popular choice for the kids. Both members and non-members are welcome to use the facility. Non-member youths pay $6 for an afternoon of fun.

      ??I came here to play basketball and work on some few things,?? said YMCA member, Rane Castor.

      For more information about the YMCA, visit their website.