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      Have THEM try, before YOU buy

      It all began one snowy day in February, 2013.

      Three guys, a bunch of beer, and a video camera.

      Black Shirt Beer Review, named for one member's wardrobe comprised largely of black shirts, was born.

      "I had been watching internet review shows a lot, and a lot of my inspiration was drawn from a show called 'Brad Tries,' where he more or less eats weird things and drinks strange Japanese beverages and I'm like, 'well, I can do that with beer!'" said Josh Reinaas, Host and Creator of 'Black Shirt Beer Review.'

      Trevor, Jake, and Josh have been doing beer reviews on all kinds of beer, but they like to focus on local brews.

      They travel to as many beerfests and breweries as they can, documenting their experiences and rating every beer they taste on a scale of one to five.

      And sometimes, they grab one beer they haven't tried before and try it on camera in their studio, uploading their comments for the public.

      "And what was really nice is it's kind of a niche-y market. There's lots of people doing reviews of video games, movies, and so forth, but just not as many people doing beer. So we thought it would be a nice addition to the internet marketplace and we kind of wanted to get in on that and bring it into our production company," said Trevor Peterson, Executive Producer for 'Black Shirt Beer Review' and 'Peanut Butter Disaster.'

      There are now 30 episodes of Black Shirt Beer Review uploaded.

      But the group says there are plenty more hidden in their archives.

      "There's definitely a lot of beers that I wouldn't have tried without being on the show, and it's been fun. That's the main thing, is that we have fun making the videos. And we would like to make it our career one day. But for now, we enjoy it a lot," said Jake Silvas, Executive Producer for 'Black Shirt Beer Review' and 'Peanut Butter Disaster.'

      "If I get one person to try something besides the regular, everyday stuff and expand their horizons, I'm doing my job. I'm just trying to make beer-drinking better for everybody," said Reinaas.

      Trevor and Jake also have another review series, entitled Jake and Trevor review everything.

      The two of them own their own video production company, and create everything from skits and sketches, to reviews and vlogs.

      All of the videos can be found here.

      For their Facebook page, click here.