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      Have you ever had breakfast on a farm?

      If you've never had breakfast on a farm, an opportunity is headed your way as the Menominee County Farm Bureau is hosting one at the Johnson Dairy Farm, the largest dairy farm in the Upper Peninsula.

      For six dollars, visitors will get a meal along with tours of the farm and its daily operations. All the money raised will be split between the farm bureau and Lions Club for programs.

      "It's pretty much to educate the public what is agriculture and what it means to the U.P.," said Dave Johnson, owner of Johnson Dairy Farm. "We're going to be showing everything about a cow--what it eats, what it consumes, and what it produces."

      The farm will also have educational exhibits along with wagon rides. The event is on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Johnson Dairy Farm in Daggett.