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      Have you ever heard of ice blasting?

      Pressure washing uses water and sand blasting uses sand. But have you ever heard of ice blasting?

      It uses dry ice and is a non-abrasive cleaning process that easily blasts away oil, grease, dirt, and dust.

      Precision Iceblast Corporation of Wallace, Michigan recently moved to Peshtigo, Wisconsin. So why did the family-run business leave the U.P.?

      â??There wasn't a lot of room for expansion at all,â?? explains Matthew Peterson, who works in Project Management. â??You couldn't work on multiple projects. It was pretty much focused on one project and getting that done, then moving on to the next one."

      Sales have grown in the last few years. But why did company officials consider Wisconsin?

      â??The state of Wisconsin was great with tax incentives,â?? said Keith Boye, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. â??They were very aggressive with trying to court us to come over here. And when we looked where in Wisconsin we wanted to go, the city of Peshtigo was also instrumental in bringing us over here."

      Officials say location isn't an issue since the employees travel all over North America and overseas to do ice blasting.

      The industrial cleaning company services manufacturing, power, and paper industries, to name a few.

      Along with the growing need for this type of service, there's also a need to fill more workers' positions. The company recently brought in 10 more employees within the last month and are looking to hire 30 to 35 more employees in the next few weeks.

      There were no job losses during the move.

      The company also makes and manufactures ice blasting equipment. Officials say they hope to expand that portion at the new location.