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      Have your burger and eat it, too!

      The Women's Center of Marquette tirelessly seeks opportunities to empower and educate survivors and the public about domestic and sexual abuse. One of the ways they accomplish this constant goal is to invite guest speakers into the community to address those subjects.

      The Women's Center offers many services to community members in need. One of those special services is offered in April during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

      The special service the Women's Center hopes to offer this April is a presentation by Gregg Milligan, an author and sexual abuse survivor.

      Sexual Assault Advocate for the Women's Center, Kelly Laakso, said, "Gregg Milligan has a very positive influence when speaking about childhood sexual abuse, and he is a survivor of sexual abuse himself. He is also a great mentor in showing what can be accomplished in healing."

      But in order to have this presentation happen, the Women's Center must first raise money to sponsor his return to the community.

      Laakso said, "Our social work intern took the opportunity upon herself to fundraise for this important presentation. We've had Gregg Milligan here once before in the past, and he was very well accepted."

      The intern reached out to Burger King in Marquette, asking for a fundraising opportunity through them, and the restaurant happily agreed to help.

      Marquette Burger King Hourly Manager, Danielle Narhi, said, "We love doing benefits here. We do help out a lot of different parts of the community. Different organizations come and ask for our help, so we do different donations through fundraisers or through donating utensils and items such as that. But it feels good that you can work, and then you can still help out the community while you're still doing your original job."

      To participate in the fundraiser, anyone can stop by the Women's Center at 1310 South Front Street and pick up a flyer. Then, on March 14 from 5 until 8 p.m., stop by Burger King in Marquette and present your flyer when ordering. Burger King will then donate 20 percent of the sales made with the flyers to the Women's Center for the Gregg Milligan Presentation.

      You can have a tasty dinner and help out the community at the same time!