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      Having tinted windows could cost you

      The Michigan State Police Calumet Post is on the lookout for vehicles with tinted windows.Michigan state law says window tint cannot exceed more than four inches from the top window of the windshield and the front side windows.The law also states that the rear and back window cannot have a tint that creates a total solar reflectance of 35 percent or more.

      The State Police says even though having your front windows completely tinted may look good on your car, it's more of a safety concern for officers.

      â??We've had officers that have been shot on a traffic stop walking up to the vehicle, and they can't see who's inside the vehicle and what they're doing in the vehicle, and they've been shot through the window,â?? said Sgt. Jason Wickstrom.If you're given a ticket, it could cost you $115.

      There is an exception to the window tint law for any person with a medical restriction which must require a physician or optometrist to fill out the correct paperwork.