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      Head Start programs to close early

      A lger- M arquette Community Action Board announced their HeadStart and Early Head Start programs will be closing early this year.

      "Sometimes, some weeks, it's really tough. So having that extra help and having the extra time to do other things, to look for jobs, that really, really helped. And I'm going to miss the family atmosphere, as well. I'm going to miss the family," said Head Start parent, Beth Achatz

      Because of the government sequestration cuts, AMCAB's seven Head Start facilities in Marquette and Alger counties and the Early Head Start program will be closing three weeks early.

      "There isn't a face on the sequester. You don't see the cuts. You don't see the faces of the people that it affects, and it's the very young and the very old. And since there's no face on that that we can't look and go, 'Oh look, there's something that's happening,'" said Early Head Start Manager for AMCAB, Barbie Dupras.

      Instead of closing the doors on May 15 as scheduled, both Early Head Start and Head Start will be finished for the year on April 24.

      AMCAB and other Head Start facilities in the country are now required to shorten their budgets by five percent for the sequestration, which means $123,000 cut from both programs combined.

      "We're not at the beginning of our budget year, so they are allowing us a one-time option to shorten our program year this year, and without that option, it would be just impossible for us to achieve that kind of cut," said Head Start Director for AMCAB, Marjorie Klein.

      Now Head Start teachers say they must cram as much as possible into this last month so they can ensure the children get the education they deserve.