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      Heads up!!!

      With temperatures finally warming up a bit, snow is melting and causing overhangs on buildings that can be dangerous. Overhangs can have long icicles dangling and can be dangerous if they fall. Dan Riutta of Dan Riutta Contracting says the biggest concern is the ice on roofs. He says the ice can puncture holes in your roof if they aren't taken care of. He says he enjoys educating people on how to remove the snow and ice themselves, as there are many potential dangers involved.

      "The ice causes water dams to form, and then the water backs up under the shingles. So, if you see any staining in the ceiling, anything dripping through the windows or under the soffit, then you have leaks and possibly from that ice, so you want to get that removed immediately," said Riutta.

      He says water damage is also common from snow overhangs.