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      Health center gets $1.3 million grant

      The Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center has received a two-year grant of $650,000 per year from the Federal Bureau of Primary Health Care to expand family health services.

      The health center is able to reapply after two years to be approved for an additional three- to five-year cycle. The funding helps support the health center's partnership with Portage Health through the Portage Health Houghton clinic.

      Portage Health's Houghton clinic is now recognized as a Federally Qualified Health Center, and this recognition allows the health center to accept patients with or without insurance.

      "We're really very excited to gather with our partner hospital, Portage Health, which is now LifePoint, to expand services and make sure that people can access healthcare regardless of their ability to pay," said Don Simila, CEO of the Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center.

      The UGLFHC will also be launching a new site in Calumet this March.