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      Health Fair at NMU well attended

      The Health Promotion Society of NMU held a Health and Wellness fair on campus Tuesday for employees, students, and retirees. Marquette General Hospital, the Student Athletic Training Association and other student organizations were on hand to offer advice and screenings. Participants had the opportunity to learn about healthy portion control, calorie intake from popular drinks, and healthy foods. People also had a chance to get a reading for their sugar glucose level, find out their blood type and have their hearing checked. Meagan Hennekens, a senior at NMU, says those who came out to the fair learned valuable information to manage their health.

      "It gives these individuals that notion to be more preventative in their health care instead of being reactive, which a lot of the American health care is. We're being proactive," said Hennekens.

      The Health Promotion Society will host more health events in the next couple of months.