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      Health officials trained in assisting veterans

      Veterans nearing the end of their lives may be dealing with emotions that make life difficult for them, but the VA in Iron Mountain offered a training session in improving care for veterans facing illness and death.

      The training session gave VA employees the chance to understand how hospice care differs when it comes to veterans.

      "The Hospice Foundation of America offers this conference every year, and the topic is different every year," said Palliative Care Coordinator Selena Okler. "Oftentimes, the military indoctrinates a sense of stoicism in our veterans, so they are more hesitant to report pain or other distressing symptoms."

      "It's good to have us have a background to know what to watch for and how to have them work through these issues," added Registered Nurse Joyce Leckson.

      A video explained military mindsets of veterans, which can hurt or help them in illness or aging. Employees were presented with advice in veteran acknowledgement and special needs for veterans.