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      Health Seekers, Pt. 9

      With self-discipline and encouragement from their spouses, the Petersons and Brooks have come a long way in the past 11 weeks.

      "I 'm really proud of D anielle ," said her husband Mike Peterson, " for how she gets up at 5 a.m. every morning and works out."

      "D avid is really excited about where's he's head ed," commented his wife Eli Brooks, " and I see him being able to hang on to it for the long haul."

      A lthough each competitor started out with his or her own goals , with only one week left in the YMCA Health Seekers competition, success for the couples is now measured in each other's progress.

      "I t ' s been encouraging because we're doing it together ," said David Brooks. "W e enjoy each other's company, so working out together is great. "

      T hey've all lost weight , but the importance of seeing results on the scale has diminished when compared to how they're feeling and how their clothes are fitting.

      B oth couples admit that staying on track after the competition comes to an end will be tough .

      "My husband and I want to keep going with being active," said Danielle Peterson.

      T hey're hoping that by having accountability with each other , their long-term goals of maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be possible.